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ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. Cryptocurrency startups usually leverage the potential of this financial tool. They do so to be in market easily and effectively.

LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN is making the best possible efforts to leverage the potential of ICO as a financial tool. Our purpose is to benefit our existing worldwide community of 200,000 users and new users joining us.

Coming to the point, LPN TOKENS will be offered to registered and fully verified investors through an ICO Campaign.

Like said earlier on the home page, the first and second round of LPN TOKEN ICO are already over. Third round of ICO Is going on. The price of LPN TOKENS during the first two rounds was $0.40 (During the first round of ICO) and $0,80 (During the second round of ICO) whereas it is $1.20 during the final phase of ICO.

This will help all registered and fully verified LPNT users enjoy many financial incentives. Once you register an account with us, You will get to know about these benifits.

Luxurious Pro Network


ICO Allocation: 3M each for the first two rounds and 4M for the 3rd round.
Symbol: LPNT
LPNToken Price: $0.40 Per LPNT for the first phase of ICO (15th Dec to 19th Dec)
$.80 per LPNT for the second phase of ICO phase (20th Dec to 24th Dec)
$1.20 Per LPNT for the third phase of ICO (25th Dec to 29th Dec)
Total Supply: 80,000,000 LPNT
Decimals: 18
Tokens available for ICO: 3M each for the first two rounds and 4M for the 3rd round
Soft cap: $2.4M USD
Hard cap: $8.4M USD
Token Sale Period: From 15th Dec, 2020 (10AM UTC) to 29th Dec, 2020
Accepted Currencies: Ethereum
Smart Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/token/0x6a4c76874e686a7d080d173987a35a9c48905583


We have been making the best possible efforts to research, prepare and develop multiple components and strategies responsible for the design of LPN TOKEN cryptocurrency and its launch and growth.

We have created this cryptocurrency with the objective of transforming the way people transact these days.

LPNT is a unique and innovative asset-backed cryptocurrency combined with the Blockchain technology and a wide range of physical assets.

It is a cryptocurrency developed to help users access their cryptocurrencies and FIAT currencies anytime and from any part of the world. In this way, LPNT helps deal with the most critical issue related to the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency.

The group has decided to accomplish a number of key issues with it. This is why the continued development of this decentralized token and relevant apps will be important for the following:

  • To back the LPN TOKEN ecosystem.
  • To underwrite the universality of LPN TOKEN.

All the fund raised through this ICO will help us accomplish the goals specified below:

  • Fight poverty.
  • Continue activities related to the technological development of LPN TOKEN
  • business ecosystem.
  • The development of LPN TOKEN.
  • Running marketing campaigns to promote worldwide acceptance of LPNT.

All this will help spread brand awareness effectively among our targeted users. The transparency of smart contracts will help make funds auditable.

LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN business ecosystem is fully scalable, professional and independently managed with the following:

  • A portfolio of diverse asset types.
  • A digital banking platform.

The list does not end here only. All these things collectively add a new value to the value of LPN TOKEN. Its usage and market demand for routine transactions in everyday life could be the reasons.

Since it is always likely to be an asset-backed decentralized token, its market value will depend on time.

The rest of the things about LPN TOKEN have been specified in our whitepaper.

As far as the rest of the proceeds from the ICO are concerned, the ICO sale includes funds for the following:

  • Management.
  • Operations.
  • Technology development.
  • Marketing and promotion.
  • General information purpose.
  • Funds for global legacy.
  • Funds for inclusion foundation.

All of the annual reports produced will be fully in compliance with the following:

  • LPNT’s corporate policies.
  • Regulatory issues governing operations.
  • Regulations governing cryptocurrencies.

You can seek detailed information about the funds likely to be raised through a graph presented below:



All supply of LPN TOKEN s capped. Therefore, only 50% of the LPN TOKENS will be available for trading after the successful launch of the platform.

Meaning, total supply of the LPN TOKENS is 80 million LPN TOKENS and only 40 million LPN TOKENS will be available for trading.

Team and advisors will get access to the LPN TOKENS for distribution after one year of ICO.

LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN GROUP will keep reserve coins in custody. This will help deal effectively with issues related to losses & hacks among others.

However, if it does not happen, all reserve coins will be released after the distribution of public sales coins.

Qualified and institutional investors will be issued coins according to the local regulations of their respective countries.

Market will get limited supply of LPN TOKENS. This will result in supply fixing. The demand for tokens may reach the next level due to the market conditions.

This may or may not help token holders earn capital gains.



Financial incentives Of Embracing LPN TOKEN During ICO Campaign

  • Access to LPNT for receiving custodial services for FIAT as well as for cryptocurrencies.
  • A great medium of payments for external entities and CBP (Cross Border Payments).
  • Access to strategic partners and special events organized by the LPNT GROUP.
  • Users will earn exclusive promotional offers.
  • Low-cost worldwide money transfers and rewards.
  • Minimizing currency conversion.
  • Loyalty point for the use of LPNT platform, product and services via LPNT’s marketplace partners and strategic alliances.
  • Access to the money to purchase decentralized digital assets via an exchange platform.
  • Enables group purchase discounts.
  • Access to discounts and other things.
  • Reward Incentives get activated.
  • Optimized purchases.