LPNT Group’s Efforts to Ensure Lawful Use of Your Personal Data:

LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN GROUP is committed to using your personal information only lawfully. We respect your personal data’s privacy. Therefore, we do not take pride in using unlawfully.

We use your personal information only under the following conditions:

  • For ensuring compliance with our legal obligations.
  • For entering into a contract with you.
  • As a part of our strategy to run the business without affecting your interests, rights and freedom.
The Information We Collect From You And The Way We Use It:

You agree to provide us the following information about yourself at the time of account creation:

  • Your name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Current and previous residential address
  • The name of your business
  • The address of your business
  • Your image
  • Access to your location all the time.
  • Key documents for the KYC process. The includes Passport, driving license, ID Card and other government-approved Identification documents.

We are committed to using this personal information of users to process their applications. If your application is submitted successfully, you will get your account approved to use our services and applications. Remember, no user from any part of the world will be allowed to use our services, applications and order products without providing all of the information specified below.

Fraud and Money Laundering Checks:

This involves sharing your personal information with the FPA (Fraud Prevention Agencies). The purpose is to prevent financial scams/frauds and money laundering processes. LPN TOKEN GROUP will keep on performing such checks from time-to-time to prevent frauds and money laundering scams.

Remember, the moment you submit your application for account creation, you agree to allow LPN TOKEN and Fraud Prevention agencies to use your personal information for the following:

  • Identity verification
  • Our business’s protection
  • Compliance with the laws that apply to us.

This type of data processing is usually is also included in the contract’s requirements related to the services and financing requested by you.

The LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN GROUP and Fraud Prevention Agencies reserves all rights to disclose your personal information to the law enforcement bodies and help them detect, investigate and prevent crime.

Fraud prevention Agencies reserve all rights to hold your personal information for a particular period. If you are found involved or guilty of some fraud or money laundering risk, your data could be held for a particular period as per the law. You should be read to face legal proceedings as well.

Automated Decisions:

We have our automated decision system. We use it while processing your personal information for automated decisions. Meaning, we may take decisions automatically and decide that you are involved in a fraud or money laundering risk if: If LPNT GROUP’s processing reveals that you are in the good books of fraudsters and money launderers

If LPNT GROUP’s processing reveals that you are in the good books of fraudsters and money launderers.

  • If you are communicating with fraudsters and money launderers.
  • If your behavior is found to be inconsistent with your previous submissions.
  • If you are found guilty if hiding your true identity deliberately.

You get some rights related to our automated decision making process. Get in touch using the communication related information provided in the Contact Us section of our website to know everything about it.

Consequences of Processing:
  • You may be refused services and financing that you have requested for.
  • LPNT GRORUP may stop your existing services.
  • We and Fraud Prevention Agency reserve all rights to record of fraud or money laundering risk posed by you.
  • This could prevent you from seeking services, financing or even employment from others as well.
When You Contact Us:

We at LPNT Group take the security of users very seriously. This is why we shall first verify your identity for the security of and relevant data. Unless your identity is successfully verified, no information about anything will be disclosed to you.

In simple words, LPNT GROUP will not be able to deal with your query unless you provide the information requested. We will also collect all of your personal data that you agree to provide during your communication with our team.

We are committed to making use of your personal information for dealing with your query/enquiry only.

How and why on what legal basis we use your personal data?

This is something that we have already explained in the first Paragraph. Information in this section is only the extension of the information presented in the first paragraph.

Automated Decisions:
  • To help you create account with us.
  • Management of your account.
  • Processing of your payment transactions and to your account.
  • To ensure successful completion of checks required on your identity.
  • For ensuring successful monitoring of your use of account for fraud prevention.
  • For facilitating your use of account.
  • To communicate with you and provide you customer care services of the highest possible quality.
  • To disclose information to our suppliers, legal authorities, fraud prevention agencies and other third parties. The list includes but is not limited to the following only:
    • Law enforcement agencies like police.
    • Financial institutions.
    • Payment facilitators.
    • Card operators.

Just in case you want to know more in detail about it, you are advised to shoot us an email at [email protected] and get in touch with our support team. They will help you understand the way we use your personal information as well as the objective and method of using it.

The Information LPNT GROUP Accesses From Third Party Sources:

LPNT GROUP Is working closely with third party agencies. The list includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Identity verification agencies.
  • Payment scheme providers.
  • Fraud prevention agencies.

We may collect all kinds of your personal information from them about you for identify verification and fraud prevention.

Use of Your Personal Information For Unrelated Purpose:

LPNT GROUP will usually make use of your personal information/data for the purposes already explained above. However, if needed, we reserve all rights to use your personal information for other reasons compatible with our business or unrelated purpose. In such cases, we will inform you through an email throwing light on legal basis that allow us to do so.

  • Fraud Prevention Agencies.
  • Agencies providing identity verification services.
  • Law enforcement agencies.
  • Companies involved in our group.
  • Payment processing service providers.
  • Financial institutions
  • Payment facilitators.
  • Card operators.
  • IT service providers.
  • Technology vendors.
  • Telephony service providers.
  • Auditors.
  • Market distributors.
  • Market agents.

The list does end here only. If needed, it can be increases.

We will use your personal information/data in order to protect, grow and manage our business and also to products and services of the highest possible quality.

We may use your personal information if we sell or buy any business or assets to the perspective seller or buyer of such business or assets.

LPNT TOKEN GROUP, with your consent, may establish connection with you through an email with information about our products and services which could possibly be of interest to you.

A third party, if we are under compulsion to disclose or share your personal information/data for compliance with legal obligations. We will also do the same for the following as well:

  • For enforcing and applying our terms and conditions.
  • To enforce and apply other agreements.
  • To protect the rights, property and safety of our business partners, customers and others.

Protection of Your Data:

LPNT GROUP is sincerely committed to securing your data. This is why we focus on leveraging the potential of the following to ensure this:

  • Encryption technology
  • Firewall
  • Secure socket layer technology.

This is known as industry standard encryption technology used for the management of security of messages transmitted throughout the internet.

Once we receive your personal data, it is stored on servers that only we have access to. As far as your password is concerned, we secure it using one way encryption technology. Meaning, no member of LPNT GROUP can read or access your password.

Changes in Future:

You are advised to visit our privacy policy page from time to time. This will help you know about all sorts of changes in our privacy policy in future. When appropriate, you will be notified about it through an email about It also.

Retention of Your Data:

LPNT GROUP reserves all rights to retain all types of personal data related to you. The group will retain your personal data by the time you continue to use our services. 

This is why we reserve all rights to retain your information for an extended period of time permitted or required according to the laws applicable. For example:

In case you open your account with us, we reserve all rights to retain all of your personal data for __________ years after the closure of your account. This is to comply with our obligations under anti-money laundering regulations.

In case you file a complaint, all of your personal information related to the complaint will be retained for ___________ years from the resolution of the complaint filed by you. This will be to defend against legal claims.

 In case any transaction is carried out by you then all of the data related to the transaction and your account will be retained for __________ years from the date of transaction. This will be for compliance with taxation and documentation.

Your rights:

Being our user, you also have some rights. Our support team will guide you about with the help of our experts. Therefore, those who are interested in knowing their rights can email our support team.

 Contacting Us:

 Establishing communication with us can guide you about many things related to the LUXURIOUS PRO NETWORK TOKEN and LPNT GROUP. You should email us at [email protected]. If needed, make use of the list of social media channels listed below for the same:

  • Telegram (Preferably)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Medium
  • Discord
  • Line
  • Slack
  • GitHub

Our team will be more than happy to help you.

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